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Ashiru Kudan & Kaduna Governorship 2023

A leading movement known as Ashiru Transformation movement (ATM) has thrown it’s weight to the deafening call on Hon.Isah Ashiru kudan to contest the 2023 election.

According to the pro ISAH ASHIRU KUDAN leading mass mobilization campaign movement, his Excellency RT HON ISAH ASHIRU KUDAN has all the qualities needed to make kaduna of our dream great, saying that can only happen if given a chance to govern kaduna state in the 2023 general elections.

Speaking at a press briefing in kaduna recently, the ATM Director General Hon.Maisaje Umar Yahaya said RT HON ISAH ASHIRU KUDAN is an upright man with exemplary leadership qualities needed at this critical time of disunity and lack of governance in the state.

According to him, kaduna state needs a pragmatic and detribelize leader in 2023, a leader who understands the peculiarities and divergence of our dear state and is ready to embrace on for inclusive growth and development

Hon.Maisaje said though the state is composed of different ethnic nationalities, Hon Ashiru kudan will unified all under one umbrella devoid of ethic rivalry and internal subjudication through his natural leadership acumen.

The movement therefore affirmed it support for RT HON ISAH ASHIRU KUDAN Governorship bid because he’s a youth and will represent the interest of the youths when given the mandate 2023.

Hon Maisaje Umar Yahaya

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