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Kidnappers: Security Alert



We have been informed about the latest kidnapping technique adopted by kidnappers in kaduna state.
They give out Sharon vehicles to some of their accomplices which are used to load passengers and deliver the innocent passengers directly to the kidnappers in bushes around our major highways. The reward is if any drivers delivers 2 trips of passengers to the kidnappers, the Sharon automatically belongs to him..
Based on this information, we are pleading members of the public particularly our community members to apply caution when traveling through kaduna-zaria road, kaduna-abuja road and kaduna-kachia road.

  1. Do not travel when it’s late (evening or night) especially if u are going through the kachia road or going to Abuja.
  2. Make sure u board from a designated or government approved motor parks.
  3. Stop entering pick and drop vehicles
  4. It’s important you fill the passenger manifesto. if it’s not provided ask for one or drop from the vehicle.
  5. Try writing down or memorizing the registration number of any car you board (Sharon, Golf or Opel)
  6. Please do not make a trip when it’s not necessary.

    We will continue to remain safe by God’s grace. Thank you and may the Almighty continue to guide and protect us.

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