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Who is a woman?


When she is quiet, millions of things are running through her
mind. When she stares at you, she is wondering why she loves you so much in spite of being taken for granted.

When she says I will stand by you, she will stand by you like a solid rock. Never hurt her or take her for

A very heart touching message by a
woman. Someone asked her, Are you a working woman or a housewife?
She replied: Yes, I am a full-time working housewife. I work 24 hours a day.

I’m a Mum. I’m a Wife. I’m a Daughter. I’m a Daughter-in-law. I’m an Alarm clock. I’m a Cook. I’m a Maid. I’m a Teacher. I’m a Waitress. I’m a Nanny. I’m a Nurse. I’m a
Handywoman. I’m a Security officer.

I’m a Counsellor. I’m a
Comforter. I don’t get holidays. I don’t get sick leave. I don’t get day off. I
work through day and night. I’m on call all hours and get paid with a

“What Do U Do
All Day??”

This is Dedicated to all women. A Woman has the most unique character like salt! Her presence is never remembered, but her absence makes all the things tasteless.

SHARE it to all the lovely ladies…Ur
Mother. Ur Wife. Ur daughter. Ur sister & Ur friend. Indeed woman is everything to man.

I salute all women in the house.

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